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Creating professionals and leaders in education, mental and physical health.

Program Undergraduate Degree Graduate Degree Licensure or Endorsement
Advanced Curriculum and Instruction Ed.S.
Advanced Studies M.Ed.
African-American Experience in Education
Athletic Training
Business, Organizational Management Counseling M.S. or M.A.
Career & Technical Education B.S.Ed. M.Ed. Undergraduate License | Graduate License
Chemistry Education M.Ed. License
Chemistry/Physics Education M.Ed. License
Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.S. or M.A.
Public Health Education (formerly Community Health Education) B.S. Ed.
Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development M.Ed. License
Early Childhood Education B.S.Ed. License
Early Childhood Generalist 4th and 5th Grade Endorsement
Earth Science M.Ed. License
Earth Science/Chemistry M.Ed. License
Earth Science/Physics M.Ed. License
Educational Technology M.Ed. or M.A. Endorsement
French Education M.Ed. License
German Education M.Ed. License
Gifted Endorsement
Health Education B.S.Ed. License
Higher Education/Adult Continuing Education Ed.S.
Instructional Design For Online Learning Certificate
Integrated Language Arts (English) M.Ed. License
Integrated Mathematics M.Ed. License
Integrated Science M.Ed. License
Integrated Social Studies M.Ed. License
Intervention Specialist: Early Childhood M.Ed. License
Intervention Specialist: Mild/Moderate M.Ed. License
Intervention Specialist: Moderate/Intensive M.Ed. License
Latin Education M.Ed. License
Leadership Development M.S.
Learning and Motivation M.Ed.
Life Sciences (Biology) M.Ed. License
Life Sciences/Chemistry M.Ed. License
Life Sciences/Earth Science M.Ed. License
Life Sciences/Physics M.Ed. License
Marriage and Family Counseling M.S. or M.A.
Middle Childhood B.S.Ed. M.Ed. License
Master of Science in Teaching (MST): Earth Science M.S.T.
Master of Science in Teaching (MST): Physics M.S.T.
Middle Childhood Generalist (Grades 4-6) Endorsement
Music Education B.Mus. License
Organizational Leadership B.S.
Organizational Studies EdD
Physical Education B.S.Ed. License
Physical Science: Physics M.Ed. License
Pre-Kindergarten: Special Needs Endorsement
Principal M.Ed. License
Reading M.Ed. Endorsement
Rehabilitation Counseling: Chemical Dependency M.R.C.
Rehabilitation Counseling: Severe Disabilities M.R.C.
Rehabilitation Services B.S. Minor
School Counseling M.Ed. License
School Nurse License
Sign Language Interpreting B.S.
Spanish Education M.Ed. License
Sport Management M.A. Certificate
Sports Science B.S.Ed.
Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) M.Ed. or M.A.
Superintendent Ed.S. License
Teacher Leader M.Ed. Endorsement
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) Endorsement
Transition to Work Endorsement
Visual Arts M.Ed. License
Youth and Community Engagement Minor