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Wright State's College of Education and Human Services offers a gifted endorsement program that prepares currently licensed and certified teaches to address the special needs of gifted and talented individuals. Teachers who have this endorsement are licensed to work in K-12 settings as an intervention specialist, helping students who have been identified as gifted to achieve their potential. Prospective candidates will engage in specific coursework that will provide a theoretical background in the nature and needs of the gifted child and address curriculum development for the gifted as well as the afective needs of the gifted individual. All candidates will be exposed to direct experiences with gifted children and youth through visitation, in-class speakers, and a practicum experience with gifted children.

Contact Information
Colleen Finegan, Ph.D,
378 Allyn Hall
Phone: 937 775-2107


Students seeking an endorsement in Gifted Education must hold a current teaching license. Students who do not have a current (expired) teaching credential must complete the renewal requirements for a license prior to the granting of the endorsement in Gifted Education.

The holder of a standard teaching credential may add an endorsement in Gifted Intervention Specialist by completing the listed program.

Course #
Course Title
Credit Hours
ISG 7200Theoretical Foundations of Gifted & Talented Educational Services3
ISG 7220Nature and Nurture of Students with Gifted Educational Needs3
ISG 7240Curriculum Development and Differentiation for Students with Gifted Educational Needs3
ISG 7260Assessment in Gifted Education3
ISG 7280Communication & Consultation: The GIS Role as Student Advocate3
ISG 7300Practicum in Gifted Education 3
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