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This endorsement is designed for a current Intervention Specialist or Career Tech teacher who wishes to add skills and knowledge regarding career assessment and transition into workplace settings
Contact Information
Gina Oswald, Ph.D.
108R Allyn hall
(937) 775-3270

Application Procedure

Please note that the TTW program starts in Januaray of each year (our spring semester) and the application deadline is November 31st of the year prior.

1. Complete School of Graduate Studies application

2. Complete CEHS TTW Application - click here to review a handout on the application process



Students seeking an endorsement in Transition to Work must hold a current Intervention Specialist or Career Tech teaching certificate or license. Students who do not have a current (expired) teaching credential must complete the renewal requirements for a license prior to the granting of the endorsement in Transition to Work.

The holder of a standard Intervention Specialist teaching credential may add an endorsement in Transition to Work by completing the listed 10 semester hours. Students who have a career technical license complete a series of courses in Intervention Specialist/Special Education. Candidates should contact their assigned faculty advisor for more information.

Course #
Course Title
Credit Hours
TTW 6450Introduction to Transition3
TTW 6460Vocational Evaluation and Job placement Techniques3
TTW 6470Transition to Work Internship: Career Assessment1
TTW 6480Transition to Work Internship: Vocational Special Education1
TTW 6490Transition to Work Internship: Job Training Coordinator1
TTW 6500Transition to Work Internship: Work Study1
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